If you're reading this page, you've likely been touched by grief.

One of Everly's core beliefs is that everyone who's been touched by loss has a story to tell.

Our goal is to tell these stories - to honor you and your loved one - and to provide hope to the newly bereaved.

We invite you to submit your story here - if your story is selected, a member of the Everly team will follow up with you to discuss the potential of building your story into one of our productions.

Know that your story submission here will be kept private to the Everly team.

Below are some questions that will guide you along the way of telling your story. Choose any you'd like to focus on, and add any other areas you'd like to share:

Please introduce yourself and your loved one (some questions to get you started may include):

  • How did they come into your life?
  • What is a memory that makes you smile?
  • What was one of the activities you two loved doing together?

What has the experience of grief been like for you?

  • Is anything bringing you relief?
  • Who has been there for you?
  • What are you grateful or hopeful for?

What have you learned in your grief?

  • What does post-traumatic growth mean to you?

When you're ready, please send any materials you'd like, including your written story or audio/video recording, to story@everly.care.

We're grateful to learn more about you and your loved one.